Who We Are

History and Traditions


Hingham Nursery School is proud to be a part of the tradition of strong schools in Hingham.  

In 1966, St. John’s Community Nursery School, a non-profit/non-sectarian preschool, opened in St. John's church on Main Street in Hingham.  In 2004, we changed our name to Hingham Nursery School and parents, former parents and the greater community banded together to raise money and search for a new location.  In 2006, we opened the doors to the brand new building at 1101 Main Street, made possible by dedicated parents and a supportive community.

To date, over 2,000 students have spent their preschool years with us.  And we are proud to have students today whose parents were also students.


Hingham Nursery School has many annual traditions that the students look forward to each year.  

Each classroom celebrates Parade Day and Bike Day.  We have an closing picnic at Cronin Field each year on the last day of school.  Each child is invited to participate in Tile Day, when they can put their hand print on a tile that goes up on the wall of the school.  Hingham Nursery School also traditionally hosts a Touch-a-Truck event for the whole Hingham community in the fall.  

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Mission and Philosophy



Hingham Nursery School is committed to providing a nurturing environment

that fosters the growth and development of each child.


In all that we do, we respect the individuality of children, giving them the gift of time

and the tools they need to grow into themselves.



The philosophy of our school is based on the well-proven educational theory that a child interacting in a developmentally appropriate environment will develop socially and emotionally while learning cognitive readiness skills, which are the foundation of later school experience. Our curriculum is supported by classrooms whose configuration allows a child to explore all the areas, each with a variety of materials, appropriate for their age and stage of development. Our commitment is to facilitate a child’s learning through process-based, rather than product-based experience. We utilize the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Early Childhood Program Standards and the Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences.


Faculty and Staff


Murnie Leary


Amy Fox

& Kristin Lasch

2 Morning 3 Year-Olds


Jill Carroll

& Alison Daye

2 Morning 3 Year-Olds


Sarah Laine

& Brianne Jarvis

3 Morning 3 Year-Olds


Jill Carroll

& Fran Christino

3 Morning PreKindergarden


Lisa Warren

& Marcia Ross

4 Morning PreKindergarden


Jackie Young

& Liz Bienfang

5 Morning PreKindergarden


Board of Directors


The management and fiscal policies of the school are set by the Board of Directors. The Board consists primarily of parents who serve a two year commitment.  Board members traditionally serve on one or more committees designed to ensure the continued successful operation of Hingham Nursery School.  We have operated with a balanced budget since our inception.


The Board meets once a month with the Director to set policy and plan events.


Executive School Director: Murnie Leary

President: Jessica Rodehorst

Vice President: Lauren Nauman

Treasurer: Amy Hernandez

Secretary: Lauren Holm


Rachel Condelli (Special Events)

Kara Doherty (Special Events)

Erin Esposito (Special Events)

Caitlyn Swope (Special Events)

Vinita Goswami (Special Events)


Carrie Harrington (Family Events)

Katie Pasciucco (Family Events)

Rebecca Greeley (Family Events)

Jessie Stoeckle (Family Events)